The use of radiocommunications equipment (such as walkie-talkies, remote controls, wireless microphones and cordless phones) which does not meet the technical specifications prescribed by the Communications Authority (CA) may cause radio interference and affect other legitimate radiocommunications equipment users. As a matter of fact, the possession or use of radiocommunications equipment which does not meet the technical specifications prescribed by CA constitutes a breach of law. The equipment concerned may be confiscated, and the offender may be liable to prosecution. As such, when buying radiocommunications equipment, members of the public should take note of the following

If consumers would like to ascertain whether or not the radiocommunications equipment they have purchased or intend to purchase comply with the technical specifications of CA, they may call OFCA's hotline at 2961 6333 or )

The specifications of some commonly used radiocommunications equipment exempted from licensing are as follows:

 Frequency band/Standard/Power
Walkie-talkies Frequency band: 409 MHz
Power: no greater than 0.5 watt
Cordless phones Operating at one of the following frequency bands:
a) 1.7/47 MHz
b) 46/49 MHz
c) 254/380 MHz
d) 864.1/868.1 MHz
e) 2400-2483.5 MHz
f) 5150-5350 MHz
g) 5725-5850 MHz
Conforming to the following standards:
a) DECT standard (operating at 1880 – 1900 MHz)
b) PHS standard (operating at 1895 – 1906.1 MHz)
Model Control Apparatus Operating at one of the following frequency bands 1:
a) 26.96-27.28 MHz
b) 35.145-35.225 MHz
c) 36.26-36.54 MHz
d) 36.41-36.69 MHz
e) 36.71-36.99 MHz
f) 36.96-37.24 MHz
g) 40.66-40.70 MHz
h) 72.00-72.02 MHz
i) 72.12-72.14 MHz
j) 72.16-72.22 MHz
k) 72.26-72.28 MHz
Wireless Microphones Operating at one of the following frequency bands 1:
a) 173.96-174.24 MHz
b) 187.5-188.0 MHz
c) 266.75-267.25 MHz
d) 313.75-314.25 MHz
e) 819.1-823.1 MHz
f) 2400-2483.5 MHz

1 : According to Schedule 2 to the Telecommunications (Telecommunications Apparatus) (Exemption from Licensing) Order, model control apparatus and wireless microphones may be operated without a licence in other frequency bands.

Office of the Communications Authority
1 April 2012

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