Lots of people enjoy hiking during holidays, along popular trails in the country parks managed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD).

Owing to the hilly terrain of Hong Kong, it is not practicable to provide 100% mobile phone coverage to the country parks. Nevertheless, the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) and AFCD, recognising the needs of the hikers and country park visitors, have been encouraging mobile network operators to improve their country park coverage. With the efforts of the mobile network operators, a number of base stations have already been installed to serve the country parks and the hiking trails. These base stations are located at Woodside, Kowloon Hill, Shing Mun Reservoir, Golden Hill, Tsuen Kam Au, Tai Lam Chung, Tai Tong, Ma On Shan, Kei Ling Ha, Bride's Pool Road, Yuen Ng Fan (High Island Reservoir), Shek Uk Shan, Robin's Nest, Cloudy Hill, Long Ke, Chung Pui, Tai Long Au, Tiu Tang Lung, Ap Chau, Sai Wan Shan, Pak Tam Au, Nga Ying Shan, Shek Pik, Tai Fung Au, Man Cheung Po, Pak Kung Au and Nam Shan, providing mobile phone coverage over parts of Yan Chau Tong Marine Park, Kam Shan Country Park, Ma On Shan Country Park, Shing Mun Country Park, Pat Sin Leng Country Park, Plover Cove Country Park, Tai Tam Country Park, Sai Kung Country Park, Tai Lam Country Park, Tai Mo Shan Country Park, the High Island Reservoir, Long Ke Wan, Lantau South Country Park and Lantau North Country Park.

In order to provide more information on country park mobile phone coverage to the hikers, OFCA has conducted a survey along popular hiking trails, and posted the Mobile Network Coverage Survey information on OFCA's website for reference by the public. Besides, OFCA will continue to assist mobile phone operators to facilitate their setting up of new base stations to serve the country parks.

Leaflets of Mobile Phone Coverage in Country Parks

Mobile network operators have prepared leaflets concerning their service coverage in country parks. These leaflets are available from mobile network operators' service centres, retail outlets and the following websites:

Mobile Network Operators Websites
HUT http://www.three.com.hk/website/appmanager/three/home?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=P200470391219567710594&lang=eng&pageid=a22201
CMHK http://www.hk.chinamobile.com/en/corporate_information/Customer_Service/performance_pledge/customer-support-countryside.html
SMT Not available yet.
HKT Not available yet.

The leaflets are also available to visitors and hiking groups at various Country Park Management Centres of the AFCD.

Mobile Phone Radio Sites in Country Parks

Hong Kong Map Kowloon Hill Ma On Shan Shing Mun Kei Ling Ha Bride's Pool Road Golden Hill Yuen Ng Fan Woodside Tsuen Kam Au Shek Uk Shan Robin's Nest Cloudy Hill Long Ke Nga Ying Shan Tai Lam Chung Chung Pui Tai Long Au Shek Pik Tiu Tang Lung Tai Fung Au Tai Tong Man Cheung Po Ap Chau Pak Kung Au Nam Shan Sai Wan Shan Pak Tam Au

The radio base stations at the following sites contribute to the mobile network coverage and the mobile phone reception in the country parks.

No.SiteParticipating Operators
1 Kowloon Hill HKT, HUT, CMHK, SMT
2 Ma On Shan HKT, HUT, CMHK, SMT
3 Shing Mun HKT, HUT, CMHK, SMT
4 Kei Ling Ha HKT, HUT, CMHK (Note 1)
5 Bride's Pool Road HKT (Note 2)
6 Golden Hill HKT, HUT, CMHK, SMT
7 Yuen Ng Fan HKT, HUT, CMHK, SMT
8 Woodside HKT, HUT, CMHK, SMT
9 Tsuen Kam Au HKT, HUT, CMHK, SMT
10 Shek Uk Shan HKT (Note 3)
11 Robin's Nest HKT, CMHK, SMT (Note 2)
12 Cloudy Hill HUT (Note 2)
13 Long Ke HKT, HUT, CMHK, SMT
14 Nga Ying Shan SMT(Note 3); HKT(Note 5)
15 Tai Lam Chung HKT, CMHK, SMT (Note 3)
16 Chung Pui HKT, CMHK, SMT (Note 3)
17 Tai Long Au HKT, CMHK, SMT (Note 3)
18 Shek Pik HKT, HUT, CMHK, SMT (Note 3)
19 Tiu Tang Lung CMHK (Note 3)
20 Tai Fung Au CMHK, HKT(Note 3)
21 Tai Tong CMHK (Note 3)
22 Man Cheung Po CMHK (Note 3)
23 Ap Chau HKT (Note 3 and Note 4)
24 Pak Kung Au HKT, HUT, CMHK (Note 2)
25 Nam Shan HUT (Note 3)
26 Sai Wan Shan HKT, CMHK, SMT (Note 4)
27 Pak Tam Au HKT (Note 3 and Note 5)


Name of the operators:

AbbreviationsFull Name
HKT Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited
HUT Hutchison Telephone Company Limited
CMHK China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited
SMT SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited
Point NumberContent
Note 1 SMT mentioned that radio coverage is provided by other base stations.
Note 2 Due to limitation in space, the site could not accommodate other operators.
Note 3 Other operators may join later.
Note 4 3G service only.
Note 5 Only available to ex-PCCW-HKT mobile users.