Ultra Data Technology Limited (“Ultra Data”) is licensed under the Class Licence for Offer of Telecommunications Services (Registration Number CLOTS0000070) (“Licence”) to offer telecommunications services in Hong Kong under the “ULTRASIM” brand.

The Communications Authority (“CA”) decided on 7 April 2022 to suspend Ultra Data’s Licence for a period of 12 months commencing on 7 June 2022 in respect of offering local mobile service through SIM cards (including those under the “ULTRASIM” brand) subject to the real-name registration requirements, due to its failure to implement an electronic registration platform with a database for their SIM cards in breach of the relevant guidelines, condition of the Licence and direction issued by the CA. For details of the licence suspension, please refer to the CA’s press release.

In view of the fact that Ultra Data’s Licence to offer local mobile service through SIM cards is suspended with effect from today, consumers are advised not to purchase or recharge any local mobile service under the “ULTRASIM” brand.

Office of the Communications Authority

7 June 2022