For the long-term development of communications services in Hong Kong, six digital TV programme channels will be migrated to new transmitting frequencies within this year. TV viewers are advised to take prompt actions for continued reception of the digital TV programme channels concerned.

Starting from 1 April 2021, digital TV programme channels "RTHK TV 31", "RTHK TV 32" and "RTHK TV 33" of Radio Television Hong Kong, "Jade 81" of Television Broadcasts Limited and “ViuTVsix 96” and "ViuTV 99" of HK Television Entertainment Company Limited will broadcast on new digital terrestrial television (DTT) frequency channels in accordance with the following schedule –

Digital TV Programme Channels DTT Frequency Channels
1 Apr to 30 Nov 2021 1 Dec 2021 onwards
  • UHF Channel 27 (518-526 MHz)
  • UHF Channel 62 (798-806 MHz)
  • UHF Channel 27 (518-526 MHz)
Jade 81
ViuTVsix 96
ViuTV 99
  • UHF Channel 37 (598-606 MHz)
  • 14 DTT frequency channels in 470 – 806 MHz band
  • UHF Channel 37 (598-606 MHz)

The numbers of these digital TV programme channels (i.e. 31, 32, 33, 81, 96 and 99) will remain unchanged. Besides, the transmitting frequencies of other digital TV programme channels (i.e. 76, 77, 82, 83, 84 and 85) will not be affected.

Steps for Continued Reception of the TV Programme Channels Concerned

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Residents of private residential estates, buildings, housing courts of various subsidized home ownership schemes, public housing estates, etc. should follow up with your building management offices / incorporated owners (BMOs / IOs) or other property managers to engage contractors of their common antenna broadcast distribution (CABD) systems / in-building coaxial cable distribution systems (IBCCDS) ("Contractors") to reconfigure the systems from 1 April to 30 November 2021 for receiving and distributing the TV signals transmitted on the new DTT frequency channels.

Depending on the design of individual CABD systems / IBCCDS, BMOs / IOs or other property managers may need to inform residents / users to rescan the digital TV programme channels on their TV sets / DTT receivers after the completion of the system reconfiguration. Residents / users should check with their BMOs / IOs or other property managers on the progress of the system reconfiguration in their buildings and perform the rescanning as necessary.

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For viewers using self-provided TV antennae, including residents of village houses, bungalows, old tenement buildings, etc., they generally do not need to upgrade their receiving antennae and hence there will not be any expense incurred. In case they cannot receive any of the six digital TV programme channels on their TV sets / DTT receivers on or after 1 December 2021, they will just need to rescan the digital TV programme channels.



More details of the Channel Migration can be found on the thematic webpage. If members of the public have any enquiries on TV reception, please contact OFCA's hotline at 2961 6333.

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Office of the Communications Authority
9 February 2021