Lycamobile Hong Kong Limited ("Lycamobile") (now renamed as "Zaritelcom") is a mobile virtual network operator ("MVNO") offering predominantly prepaid mobile services in Hong Kong.

The Office of the Communications Authority ("OFCA") was earlier advised by Lycamobile that its mobile services had been suspended from 6 April 2018. While the services concerned were partially restored subsequently, Lycamobile notified OFCA on 18 April 2018 that it would cease the provision of its services with effect from 27 April 2018. Lycamobile undertakes to facilitate its customers to port out their mobile numbers to other mobile service providers for a period of three months. For details, please see Lycamobile's Notice of Cessation to OFCA.

In the light of the above, members of the public are advised not to buy any SIM cards of Lycamobile available in the market. For existing customers of Lycamobile, they are advised not to recharge their prepaid SIM cards and to approach Lycamobile or its distributors/resellers for any arrangements arising from the service cessation.

Affected customers who wish to continue to use mobile services with the existing numbers may approach other mobile service providers for number porting as soon as possible. OFCA will continue to keep in view of the development and take necessary actions.


Office of the Communications Authority

19 April 2018