The “Customer Complaint Settlement Scheme” (CCSS) is a mediation scheme set up by the telecommunications industry to help resolve billing disputes in deadlock between telecommunications service providers and their customers.

The mediation service is provided by an independent service centre (CCSS Centre) set up under the Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK), an industry association representing the communications sector in Hong Kong, with the participation of all major telecommunications service providers in Hong Kong. The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) supports the operation of the CCSS, through a Memorandum of Understanding signed with CAHK, by contributing the necessary funding, screening the CCSS applications against prescribed criteria, and monitoring the performance and the governance of the scheme.

Under the CCSS, mediation service is provided by independent and trained mediators, via meetings or telephone communications, to assist the concerned parties to identify the issues in dispute, to explore and generate options, to communicate with one another and reach a settlement agreement regarding the resolution of the whole, or part, of the dispute.

Telecommunications service users who choose to use the mediation service under the CCSS may first contact OFCA at 2180 9521 which will assess the cases. OFCA will refer accepted cases to CCSS Centre for follow-up actions. For an accepted case, a service fee of HK$50 will be charged for using the mediation service under the CCSS.

Detailed information about the CCSS operated by CAHK, including the list of participating service providers, is available at the website of