As part of the Consumer Education Campaign 2019/20, the Communications Authority has commissioned Spring-Time Experimental Theatre to stage a roving drama “Little Tinker Causes Big Trouble” at local primary and secondary schools to promote smart use of communications services, including protection of mobile phone’s data, proper use of mobile data services and social media and full digital TV broadcast, etc.


Little Tinker is the fairy who oversees the smart use of mobile data by people in the earthly world. One day, she is overwhelmed by irresistible curiosity to see what the world will become if people no longer use mobile data smartly or protect data on their mobile phones properly. So Little Tinker secretly tampers with people’s minds, making them not able to use mobile data smartly and protecting data on their mobile phones. Little Tinker soon realises that she has caused big trouble for what she did. A lot of problems arise shortly afterwards. For example, many people received shocking mobile bills or became victims of personal data thefts. The whole world is plagued by chaos or the “Data Disaster” as the news calls it.

Knowing that she has caused big trouble, Little Tinker seeks help from Time Fairy in the hope of turning the clock back to make things the same as they were before the “Data Disaster”. Time Fairy tells Little Tinker that to turn the clock back, the culprit of the disaster, i.e. Little Tinker, has to go through a test. If she passes the test, the world can be restored to what it used to be. What tests are awaiting Little Tinker? Can this “Data Disaster” be settled successfully? Can people in the earthly world use mobile data smartly and protect data on their mobile phones properly again?


Primary 4 to 6 and Secondary Form 1 to 3 students

Date and Time of Performance

Every Monday to Friday (school days) from October 2019 to March 2020
(exact performance dates are subject to the arrangement with individual schools)

Performance-related Matters


No charge for arranging the drama performance and roving exhibitions

List of Participating Schools in 2019/20

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Photos of the Performance