If you, your company, organisation or government department wants to register 50 or more fixed line, mobile, fax or personal numbers onto the Do-not-call Registers, you can use this "Application Form for Bulk Registration onto the Do-not-call Registers" . For registration of fewer than 50 numbers, please use the registration hotline 1835 000.

The application form should be submitted with:

showing that the applicant is the registered user of these numbers, in one of the following ways:

Please note that number(s) not supported by documentary proof will not be registered.

All personal data and documents (including telephone bills or other documentary proof) supplied by you will only be used for processing or taking follow-up actions of this application. The same may be transferred to parties such as government departments or other organisations which are involved in processing the application. OFCA will only keep your personal data and documents for the above mentioned purposes.

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