The UEMO came into full force on 22 December 2007.  Now, the public can choose to unsubscribe from commercial electronic messages (e.g. faxes, emails, short messages, pre-recorded telephone messages, etc).  Currently, person-to-person interactive communications are not covered by the UEMO.

Method 1: Using the Do-not-call Registers

The Communications Authority has established three Do-not-call Registers, i.e., one for faxes, one for short messages and one for pre-recorded telephone messages.

To register your telephone or fax number onto any of the Do-not-call Registers, you can make a call to the registration hotline 1835000 through the phone or fax machine of the number you wish to register.  Ten working days after your registration, your number should not receive any further commercial electronic messages that you have registered for not receiving, except those you have given consent to.

If your company or organisation plans to register 50 or more numbers on the Do-not-call Registers, we can help you register these numbers in one go. Please apply by downloading the relevant form from our web site and submit the necessary information to us.

If you encounter any problem in the registration process, please call our enquiry hotline at 2961 6333 during office hours.

Method 2: Making an "Unsubscribe Request" to the Message Sender

If you do not wish to receive further commercial electronic messages from a particular sender, you may choose to make an "unsubscribe request" to him/her. Now, senders of commercial electronic messages are required to provide an "unsubscribe facility" in the message for their recipients to make an "unsubscribe request".