Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is a new method of wireless broadcasting of television programmes. At present, free-to-air television programmes are broadcast by radio transmission in analogue (continuous wave) format from over 40 terrestrial TV stations covering the whole territory of Hong Kong. The television signals are received by users via aerials and are converted into images and sound for viewing on TV sets. DTT uses similar set up for broadcast transmission and reception as traditional method, the difference is that television signals are digitized and compressed for transmission in digital format. After decoding the digital television signals at the user end, the images and sound can be displayed on TV screen.

DTT offers an improved picture quality and relatively free from problems like ghosting and interference. It also supports new features and services such as high definition TV (HDTV) programmes, interactive services and mobile reception, wide-screen pictures, surround sound audios, multiple viewing angles, multi-channeling, closed-captioning as well as electronic programme guides.

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