Since late 2010, the Government has been encouraging the finance sector, the insurance sector, the telecommunications sector and call centres to implement a self-regulatory scheme for person-to-person marketing calls with a view to minimizing any nuisance caused to the public. Together, these sectors generate most of the person-to-person marketing calls.

Self-regulatory Scheme in the Telecommunications Sector

In March 2011, the Communications Association of Hong Kong, the industry association of the telecommunications sector, promulgated its Benchmark Code of Practice on Person-to-Person Marketing Calls (the Industry Code) for voluntary compliance by its members. All the major telecommunications operators1 have participated in the self-regulatory scheme, and developed their own codes of practice with reference to the Industry Code. The key features set out in the Industry Code include -

To access the full text of the Industry Code and the list of the participating telecommunications operators, please click here.

How to Make an Unsubscribe Request

If you do not want to receive person-to-person marketing calls from a particular telecommunications operator, you may -

How to Make a Complaint

If a participating telecommunications operator fails to implement its code of practice (such as failure in honouring your unsubscribe request), you may -

1 : Except for China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited. This operator indicates that it is not engaged in any person-to-person telemarketing activity and therefore does not participate in the self-regulatory scheme.

Office of the Communications Authority
1 April 2012

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