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Vision, Mission and Values


To provide full support to the Communications Authority in fulfilling its vision that Hong Kong has the world-class communications services to meet the challenges of the information age.


We are committed to -

  1. Public - Fulfilling the needs and expectations of the community
  2. Industry - Providing a fair regulatory environment conducive to innovation and business investment
  3. Economy - Maintaining Hong Kong’s position as a pre-eminent communications centre in the region to support economic development
  4. Staff - Maintaining a cohesive, versatile and professional team and nurturing a working environment that recognises and rewards results
  5. Civil Service - Being a model department that performs effectively and efficiently


  1. Integrity - Neutrality, impartiality, transparency, accountability, openness
  2. Professionalism - Expertise, discipline, credibility, ethics, commitment
  3. Respect for the Community, Clients and Staff - Freedom of expression, responsiveness, understanding, efficiency, effectiveness
  4. Foresight - A proactive attitude, anticipation, awareness