Trading Fund Report 2021/22


Broadcasting and Telecommunications Licences Issued / Renewed and Revenue Collected

(For the year ended 31 March 2022)

Type of Licences
No. of Licences
Issued / Renewed
Broadcasting Licences
Domestic Free Television Programme Service321,029,303
Domestic Pay Television Programme Service210,075,590
Non-domestic Television Programme Service10581,862
Other Licensable Television Programme Service20655,500
Sound Broadcasting29,838,006
Telecommunications Licences / Permits / Certificates
Academic Institution Self-provided Telecommunications Installation27,000
Aeronautical VHF Fixed Station3252,250
Aircraft Station37052,963
Amateur ATO58092,800
Amateur Station2,546384,375
Broadcast Radio Relay Station119,000
Duplicate Licence1186,490
Examination & Issue of Certificate2,430389,993
Experimental Station7023,800
Fixed Internal / External Services52108,744,298
Hotel Television (Transmission)167670,775
Import / Export Permit48272,300
Industrial, Scientific & Medical Electronic Machine1,924177,080
Mobile Radio System or Private Mobile Radio System3,50829,005,275
Mobile Services8180,683,236
Private Radio Paging System46,200
Public Radiocommunications Service71,255,831
Radio Dealers (Unrestricted)3,8305,808,500
Radiocommunications School71,900
Radiodetermination and Conveyance of Commands, Status and Data160198,240
Satellite Master Antenna Television614,793,300
Self-provided External Telecommunications System43,625
Services-based Operator of Class 1 or 2 Service201,176,631
Services-based Operator of Class 3 Service15218,977,610
Ship Station5,063752,375
Space Station Carrier91,525,000
Taxi Radiocommunications Service16403,958
Wide Band Link & Relay Station52108,200
Wireless Internet of Things / Localised Wireless Broadband Service4554,317