Telecommunications Service Providers to Send Final SMS Notification Reminders to SIM Card Users for Completing Real-name Registration Before Tomorrow's Deadline (with photos) (Issued by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau)

The deadline for real-name registration for SIM cards is tomorrow (23 February 2023). Existing pre-paid SIM cards (PPS cards) issued before 1 March 2022 which have not completed real-name registration before the above deadline will be deactivated afterwards. The Government said today (22 February) that telecommunications service providers will, in response to the Government’s request, send final SMS notification reminders (see Annex 1) to users of unregistered PPS cards to remind those who would like to continue using the PPS cards concerned to complete the registration immediately.

Like the SMS notification reminders sent by the telecommunications service providers previously, the final SMS notification reminders will be sent under the name “SIMREG”. Relevant information including details of the telecommunications service provider and the phone number of the PPS card concerned, the SIM card number (i.e. ICCID) as well as registration channels, will be set out in the SMS. Users can complete the registration by providing information on the Hong Kong identity card (including Chinese and English names, date of birth, Hong Kong identity card number and an identity card copy) via the hyperlink in the SMS, or through the website or mobile application of their respective telecommunications service providers before the deadline.

Users who need assistance may visit the retail outlets of their respective telecommunications service providers or the service counters set up at 18 designated post offices (see Annex 2). The operating hours of the service counters in the designated post offices will be extended to 7pm today and tomorrow to cope with possible surge in assistance requests when the deadline is approaching. The support stations set up by the Government in 25 designated MTR stations (see Annex 3) will continue to provide support service to PPS card users in need to complete registration using their smartphones from 9am to 6pm today and tomorrow.

To ensure the smooth completion of real-name registration for existing PPS cards before the deadline, the dedicated contingency coordinating task force formed by the Government and telecommunications service providers held meetings earlier this week to discuss various plans to facilitate the proper handling of various contingency situations that may arise before and after the registration deadline. At the meetings, all telecommunications service providers were supportive and would co-operate proactively to deploy extra resources and manpower as requested, and will extend service hours of their retail outlets and customer service hotlines to strengthen customer support services through flexible allocation of resources. Contingency plans are also in place to ensure the successful completion of real-name registration for their customers’ PPS cards. The task force will closely monitor the situation before and after the registration deadline and implement prompt and effective measures to tackle the situation when necessary.

In addition to the existing series of multimedia publicity initiatives, the Government has collaborated with social welfare agencies, district organisations and banks, etc, to appeal again to users to complete registration. Countdown reminders have been disseminated through Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) TV 31 and TV 32, radio channels and the thematic webpage for the Real-name Registration Programme for SIM Cards (

For more information on real-name registration for SIM cards, please visit the thematic webpage ( or call the Office of the Communications Authority’s hotline (2961 6699).

22 February 2023