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Chapter 5 Working with the Community and International Organisations

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OFCA regularly exchanges views and experience on regulatory matters with its counterparts.

Participation in International and Regional Conferences

OFCA participates in the activities of, and maintains close contact with, a number of international and regional organisations, either as an independent member of those organisations or as part of the Chinese delegation.

In 2018/19, OFCA attended a total of 18 conferences/meetings held by regional and international organisations, including the ITU, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), International Institute of Communications (IIC) and Unsolicited Communications Enforcement Network. The more significant events of the year were the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, Second Session of Conference Preparatory Meeting of ITU for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019, and the IIC International Regulators Forum. OFCA will continue to participate in the activities of the ITU, APEC and APT with the aim of improving the telecommunications and information infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region.

Exchanges with the Mainland of China and Overseas Authorities

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OFCA regularly exchanges views and experience on regulatory matters with its counterparts.

In 2018/19, OFCA received four delegations from the Mainland and overseas, and exchanged views and experiences with them on various issues relating to communications services. They included a delegation from the ITU, a delegation from the Bureau of Radio Regulation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China, a delegation from the Guangdong Communications Administration, and a delegation from the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau.

During the year, OFCA attended meetings in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing with the Bureau of Radio Regulation of MIIT and the National Radio and Television Administration of China. OFCA also had an annual bilateral meeting in Singapore with the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore.

Media and Community Relations

OFCA proactively keeps the public and the media informed of its work. In 2018/19, OFCA issued 28 press releases on the CA's major decisions in relation to broadcasting and telecommunications regulatory issues and OFCA's major initiatives, operations and events. Speeches and presentations made by the Director-General of Communications at public events and industry conferences are also published on our website. These measures help disseminate our messages to both the industry and the public, and enable them to gain a better understanding of our work.

Public Education and Communications

In 2018/19, OFCA gave eight talks concerning broadcasting services in Hong Kong to students of four primary schools, three secondary schools and one university; and two talks to participants of the Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS). Primary and secondary students were briefed on the different categories of television programme services in Hong Kong and how audiences could make informed viewing choices. University students were briefed on the regulation of television and sound broadcasting services. The participants of CIBS were briefed on the programme standards of radio services.

Participation in Communications Activities

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OFCA actively participates in the "Mountaineering Safety Promotion Day" to promote the use of effective emergency communication means in country parks.

OFCA continued to participate in the annual "Mountaineering Safety Promotion Day" jointly organised by the Civil Aid Service and 22 other government departments and organisations in October 2018 in Tuen Mun. With the aim of promoting hiking safety, OFCA set up an exhibition booth at the event and delivered a talk to visitors to promote effective means of communication in country parks.

OFCA has also continued to support the industry's activities. In 2018/19, OFCA sponsored the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Hong Kong 2019, an annual activity organised by the CAHK to promote the latest developments in information and communications technology to the public, especially the youth and academic communities.

The Work of Advisory Committees

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Three advisory committees under OFCA have been established to provide a regular and formal channel for various parties to advise OFCA on the telecommunications regulatory measures and policies.

Telecommunications Advisory Committees

Three advisory committees, namely the Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs Advisory Committee, the Radio Spectrum and Technical Standards Advisory Committee, and the Telecommunications Users and Consumers Advisory Committee, were established under OFCA in June 2012. These committees provide a regular and formal channel for the industry, telecommunications service users and interested parties to advise OFCA on the formulation and implementation of various telecommunications regulatory measures and policies.

Members of the advisory committees are drawn from different sectors of the telecommunications industry, relevant government departments, non-governmental organisations, as well as the general public. This helps provide a balanced representation of views on, at times, highly technical and complex issues. The term of appointment is two years.

The membership lists of the three advisory committees as of 31 March 2019 are in Appendix B.

Television and Radio Consultative Scheme

The role of the Television and Radio Consultative Scheme (TRCS) is to provide qualitative input on television and radio programming to the CA's public consultation process. Members are drawn from all 18 districts of the territory. In 2018/19, OFCA invited members of the TRCS to give their views on the review of the regulations governing indirect advertising and advertisements for undertakers and associated services during the public consultation held from 28 March to 28 April 2018. In addition, OFCA held focus group discussions with members of the TRCS to collect their in-depth views on the subjects.