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Chapter 6 Committed to Human Resource Excellence

An Energetic and Versatile Workforce

To provide professional support to the CA in the fast-changing and ever-advancing environment of the communications industry, OFCA adopts a proactive, forward-looking and integrated approach to human resource management and strategic manpower planning. Organisational reviews are conducted regularly to ensure the most effective and efficient use of available manpower resources.

There were 458 staff as of 31 March 2019, comprising 328 civil servants, 122 staff employed on non-civil service contract terms, and eight staff employed on post-retirement service contract terms.

Training and Development

OFCA attaches great importance to the training and development of staff members, and strive to enhance their professional knowledge and capabilities to deal with the challenges posed by the rapidly evolving environment, such as emerging new technologies, increasing public demands and internal driving forces arising from various initiatives.

A Training and Development Committee has been established to oversee the implementation of OFCA's training and development policies for departmental officers in order to take a holistic view on the training needs of staff and to strengthen arrangements for grooming officers with strong potential.

A variety of vocational and managerial courses and in-house training programmes were conducted in 2018/19. These included courses on competition law, law enforcement, licensing, technical training, prosecution and investigation skills, information and communications technology, management and leadership, performance management, languages, communications, complaint handling, integrity management, occupational safety, emotional and physical wellness, records management and national studies. OFCA continued to sponsor staff members on courses organised by international organisations and overseas institutions, such as those provided by King's College London, to enhance their technical and professional skills. The trainee count for the year was 809 and the training man-day count was 628.

OFCA has been accredited as a Manpower Developer by the "Employee Retraining Board" for its outstanding achievements in manpower training and development since 2016.

Awards and Commendations

In 2018/19, eight OFCA staff members received the Director-General's Commendation for Long and Valuable Service, 25 received the Long and Meritorious Service Award, and three received the Long and Meritorious Service Travel Award.

Recreational Activities and Volunteer Services

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OFCA regularly organises a variety of staff activities to advocate the importance of work-life balance and strengthen the sense of belonging among colleagues.

To help staff members develop a healthy lifestyle and to foster a greater sense of belonging with their co-workers, OFCA regularly organise staff recreational activities, including outings, luncheon talks, sports activities and an annual departmental dinner gathering. Staff members also participated in the Corporate Games 2018 organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. To show care for the community, OFCA regularly participates in a number of volunteering and charity events. OFCA has been awarded the "Caring Organisation" logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service every year since 2007 and the "Social Capital Builder Logo Award" by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund of the Labour and Welfare Bureau since 2016.