Rescheduling of Written Test for Telecommunications Engineer (Civil Service Vacancy)

The written test for Telecommunications Engineer (Civil Service Vacancy) has been rescheduled to 30 April 2022 (Saturday). Candidates who have previously been invited for the written test will receive another invitation by e-mail about the rescheduled test.

Important Point

The written test will only be held on the scheduled date and time, and at the specified venue unless the weather condition does not allow or there is a severe wave of COVID-19 community outbreak (details at next paragraphs). Invited applicants must take the written test at the time and place specified in the email.

Examination Postponement Arrangement

As a general rule, the written test will be held as scheduled when No. 3 Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal or lower, and / or the "Amber" or "Red" Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued.

It will be postponed when Pre-No. 8 Special Announcement / No. 8 or higher Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal, and / or “Black” Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued or in force three hours before the Test Time stated on the invitation letter.

In case of postponement, further arrangement will be promulgated on this web-page -