The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) reminds members of the public about the arrangement for receiving a new television programme channel of Fantastic Television Limited (Fantastic TV).

Following the approval granted by the Communications Authority on 24 February 2022 for Fantastic TV to use radio spectrum as an additional means of transmission to deliver its free TV service, Fantastic TV has been broadcasting its TV programme channels via both fixed network and radio spectrum (i.e. digital terrestrial TV (DTT) frequency channel 22) since 1 April 2022.

At 6am on 21 November 2022, a new TV programme channel (“HOY Infotainment”) will be launched by Fantastic TV that will bring the number of DTT programme channels provided by domestic free TV licensees and a public service broadcaster to a total of 14. The channel number of the additional programme channel is 78. Viewers who are currently receiving Fantastic TV’s programme channels but have not yet been able to watch programme channel 78 will only need to perform channel rescanning on their digital TV receivers in order to receive the new programme channel.

For those buildings not yet receiving Fantastic TV’s free TV service, relevant property owners or managers may need to upgrade their common antenna broadcast distribution systems in a timely manner for reception of the relevant TV frequency channel, and advise residents to perform channel rescanning in order to watch Fantastic TV’s programmes. Viewers currently using self-provided antennae for reception of DTT programme channels only need to perform channel rescanning in order to receive the free TV programme channels of Fantastic TV.

For details of  Fantastic TV’s  DTT service,  members of the public may visit  Fantastic TV’s  website at Relevant enquiries can be made to Fantastic TV’s hotline at 2112 0678 or its email address at

Members of the public may also visit OFCA’s website at for details on how to rescan for digital TV programme channels. For other enquiries on TV reception, please contact OFCA at 2961 6333.

Office of the Communications Authority
15 November 2022