Look for the CA Label when Buying Radiocommunications Equipment


A variety of radiocommunications equipment is available for consumers on the market. However, some items are not permitted to be used in Hong Kong. How can we identify the equipment that is permitted for use in the territory?

All radiocommunications equipment permitted to be used in Hong Kong must meet the technical specifications set out by the Communications Authority. You should check whether the item (e.g. 409MHz radio walkie-talkies, Citizens Band walkie-talkies, cordless telecommunications apparatus telephone, wireless microphones, wireless LAN equipment, video and audio transmitters) you want to buy or the box that contains it bears the CA label as shown in figure 1a. Telecommunications equipment available in the market before the establishment of the CA on 1 April 2012 may have been affixed with previously prescribed labels (which are also valid) as shown in figure 1b. For details, please refer to the HKCA 3211 "Standardisation Guide for Labelling of Telecommunications Equipment" document available on the website of the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA).

Figure 1a:
The prescribed label commencing 1 April 2012

certification TA
Figure 1b:
The prescribed label before 1 April 2012