To receive new digital TV programme channel, you may need to perform channel rescanning on your TV set / DTT receiver.

How to Rescan for Digital TV Programme Channels

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Instructions / Video Clips on Rescanning the Digital TV Programme Channels with Major Brands of TV Sets / Set-Top Boxes

TV Set
image 4
Brand Contact Telephone No. Channel Rescanning
Instructions Video
Hisense 2781 1789 (Chinese version only) (Chinese version only)
JVC 2406 5432
LG 3543 7777
Panasonic 2406 5432
PHILIPS 3526 0759 Not available Not available
Rasonic 2406 5432
SAMSUNG 3698 4698 Not available
SHARP 3193 9888 Not available
Skyworth 2318 0500 (Chinese version only)
Sony 2833 5129 Not available
TCL 2405 5282 Not available Not available
Toshiba 2318 0500

Set-top Box
image 5
Brand Contact Telephone No. Channel Rescanning
Instructions Video
EI8HT 3904 3308
MAGIC TV 2655 6700 Not available

The above information for a specific brand contains the generic instructions generally applicable across different models of the same brand. If you use a model of the same brand but have difficulties following the instructions, you should contact the manufacturer or supplier concerned.

If the brand of your TV set / set-top box is not listed above, please contact the manufacturer or supplier direct.

For enquiries, please contact OFCA at 2961 6333.


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