There are two types of certification bodies recognised by the Communications Authority (CA) to provide testing and certification services.

The first type is those Local Certification Bodies (LCB) accredited by the CA to perform certification services for telecommunications equipment and ISM equipment covered by the relevant HKCA specifications.

The second type is those Foreign Certification Bodies (FCB) recognised by Hong Kong under the terms of Phase II Procedures of APEC TEL MRA to perform certification services. The scope of services offered could be checked by clicking the name of the FCB below.

List of Local Certification Bodies

LCB Code Name of Local Certification Body (LCB) Label sample for its certified equipment for use in Hong Kong Note
HK001 Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Ltd.
HK002 Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd.
HK003 SGS Hong Kong Ltd.

List of Foreign Certification Bodies

FCB Code Name of Foreign Certification Body (FCB) Label sample for its certified equipment for use in Hong Kong Note
CA001 Nemko North America, Inc.
US001 Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp.
US002 Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Inc.
US004 ACB, Inc.
US005 Vista Laboratories, Inc.
US006 Timco Engineering, Inc.

Note :

  1. The use of the label is voluntary unless otherwise required by the CA for specific types of equipment (see information notes OFCA I 401 "How to Apply for Type-Approval or Type-Acceptance of Radio Equipment" and OFCA I 412 "How to Apply for Certification of Wireline Customer Premises Equipment to be Connected to the Public Telecommunications Networks in Hong Kong" for details). If used, the information shown on the label should be identical to the information as specified on the certificate issued for that particular certified equipment. A list of certified telecommunications equipment is available at OFCA website.
  2. Equipment available in the market before the establishment of the Office of the Communications Authority on 1 April 2012 may have been affixed with old prescribed labels (which are still valid) as shown below.
    OFTA Label Sample

    For details, please refer to the HKCA 3211 "Standardisation Guide for Labelling of Telecommunications Equipment"