Successful Conclusion of Auction of 5G Spectrum in 3.3 GHz Band

The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) announced today (6 November 2019) that the 3.3 GHz band auction that commenced on 4 November 2019 was completed today. The 100 MHz of spectrum in the band put out for auction was successfully bid for by four mobile network operators at a total of spectrum utilization fees (SUFs) of HK$665,133,332.

The results of the auction are listed in the table below:

Frequency BlockFrequency RangeProvisional Successful BidderSUF Payable
C1 – C3 3300 – 3330 MHz Hutchison Telephone Company Limited HK$ 199,533,333
C4 – C6 3330 – 3360 MHz Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited HK$ 199,533,333
C7 – C8 3360 – 3380 MHz SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited HK$ 133,033,333
C9 – C10 3380 – 3400 MHz China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited HK$ 133,033,333

"The provisional successful bidders are required to pay the SUFs as specified in the table above, and to submit performance bonds to guarantee compliance with the network and service rollout requirement by 11 December 2019. The assignment of the spectrum will take effect in December 2019 with a validity period of 15 years," the spokesman for OFCA said.

Office of the Communications Authority
6 November 2019