CA Promotion Truck Tours Hong Kong to Promote Awareness of Phone Scams (with photos)

The Communications Authority (CA) today (11 December 2023) launched a promotion truck tour campaign themed "My Promise against Phone Scams" to enhance publicity against telephone scams. The promotion truck, featuring games and exhibits, will tour Hong Kong's 18 districts from today to 22 December.

"The aim of this publicity campaign is to remind members of the public to always stay vigilant against unknown telephone calls and short messages, and to refrain from disclosing their personal or account information, or transferring money to unknown callers or senders of short messages under any circumstances, to avoid being scammed," a spokesman for the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) said.

The Director-General of Communications, Mr Chaucer Leung, visited the promotion truck today at one of the first-day parking locations on Hung Shing Street, Ap Lei Chau. He joined members of the public on-site for the "My Promise against Phone Scams" tongue twister game and the "Anti-phone Scams Do's and Don'ts" game, which aim to remind the public to stay vigilant at all times against unknown telephone calls and short messages.

In addition to the fun games, the CA has also arranged to display on the promotion truck relevant information on telephone scams and distribute promotional leaflets and souvenirs to visitors to enhance the effectiveness of publicity.

Details of the campaign, including the tour schedule and parking locations of the promotion truck, are available at OFCA's website (

Office of the Communications Authority
11 December 2023