Printed at 10:06am on 11 April 2022
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Residential Broadband Service Termination Arrangements
  • Operators providing residential broadband service have their respective arrangements in handling service termination requests.
  • Without giving sufficient notice of service termination to your operator, you may be charged for payment in lieu of notice. If your existing service contract is of a fixed-term, early termination may incur charges.
  • If you intend to switch to another operator or terminate your existing service, you should check with your existing service provider the relevant service termination arrangements and requirements, such as
    • advance notice requirement for service termination;
    • channels for accepting service termination requests and the relevant formats;
    • arrangements and details regarding acknowledgement and confirmation of receipt of service termination requests; and
    • channels for the return of customer equipment to operators.

In order to enhance service information transparency and to better inform consumers, OFCA has published on its website details of the arrangements adopted by major operators of residential broadband service for handling service termination requests from service users.

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Residential Broadband Service Termination Arrangements

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