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Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G
  • The Scheme aims to encourage various sectors, through the provision of financial incentives, to deploy 5G technology early to foster innovation and smart city applications, and to improve efficiency of their operations and quality of their services that will contribute to enhancing Hong Kong's overall competitiveness. The Government subsidises 50% of the actual cost directly relevant to the deployment of 5G technologies in an approved project, subject to a cap of $500,000.
  • For details, please visit the Thematic Webpage of Subsidy Scheme and the 5G Experience Sharing YouTube Channel.

Details of Some Subsidised Projects

5G Mobile Building Information Modelling and Augmented Reality Applications

With 5G technology, massive building construction information can be digitalised to support mobile 3D modelling and AR (Augmented Reality) applications. It facilitates the planning, design, construction and management tasks for construction works and enhances operational efficiency.

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5G Mobile Building Information Modelling and Augmented Reality Applications

5G Remote Medical Training and Consultation

With the remote medical training and consultation system developed using 5G technology, high resolution videos and images of operations can be streamed to a cloud server in real time through 5G to allow other off-site doctors and medical students to observe surgical procedures for remote participation and clinical education.

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5G 4K Live Video Broadcast System for Musical Performance

Using the 4K video live streaming system supported by 5G technology, musical performance in 4K quality can be live-streamed to different online platforms to allow audience to enjoy high quality live performance outside the theatre.

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5G Construction Site Management System

Using 5G, a construction site management system is developed to live-stream 4K high resolution video of site situation to a cloud server for image analysis and Artificial Intelligence technology to implement smart construction site management and on-site monitoring.

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