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Calling card service is a convenient alternative for consumers to make IDD calls. You can make IDD calls anywhere by dialling a prescribed access number and entering a PIN (Personal Identification Number). In Hong Kong, many prepaid and postpaid calling cards for IDD services are offered by licensed operators. There are also many calling cards offered in the market by resellers of telecommunications services which are in turn operated by licensed operators of telecommunications facilities. Commencing from 2 February 2007, resellers are subject to regulation similar to licensed operators under a class licence regime pursuant to section 8(1)(aa) of the Telecommunication Ordinance. Please refer to additional information about telecom services offered by resellers under General Advice for Consumers.

To get value for money for the calling cards you purchase, please check the following points before you make any purchase:

Specific information you should look for when purchasing calling cards:

  • The name of the company selling the calling cards;
  • The customer service hotline number or other contact information;
  • User instructions;
  • Access numbers, activation procedures and access methods;
  • Call charges information;
  • Validity period of the calling cards;
  • Terms and conditions for the use of the calling cards.

Other General Advice:

  • To avoid unnecessary financial loss, do not purchase calling cards of large value or recharge excessive amount for the calling cards;
  • Ask friends and relatives for references on the calling cards you intend to buy;
  • Check the details of the call charges, such as the rate per minute or unit with your service provider;
  • Look for details about surcharges, monthly fees and pre-call access charges. Some service providers may add a surcharge to the first minute of use or may charge an activation fee for recharging cards.