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Various service providers are offering a wide range of residential broadband service plans to the consumers. Different service providers will have their own arrangements in handling service termination requests. In order to enhance service information transparency and to better inform consumers, the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) has published on its website details of the arrangements adopted by major residential broadband service providers to handle service termination requests from service users

The published information covers:

  • advance notice requirement;
  • channels for accepting service termination requests and their relevant formats;
  • arrangements to acknowledge and to confirm receipt of service termination requests and details; and
  • channels for the return of customer equipment to service providers.

The information will be updated periodically upon advice by service providers on changes they have introduced. The information aims to enable consumers to better understand different service providers’ existing practices so as to help reduce disputes over service termination matters, and to make more informed decisions on service plans that best suit their needs by comparing the merits and otherwise of the existing service termination arrangements of different service providers.

In general, consumers are advised to check, understand, and compare the terms of various service plans, including service charges, types of preferential offers and discounts (if any), service performance and network coverage, arrangements of contract renewal, service relocation, service termination and other pertinent details before entering into new contracts or renewing their existing plans. As service providers may adjust their service packages and revise their service termination arrangements from time to time according to their marketing or business considerations, consumers are advised to check with individual service providers on their latest arrangements.