Please note that the Unsolicited Electronic Message Ordinance (UEMO) does not empower the Office of the Communications Authority ("OFCA") to deal with reports relating to:

Points to note:

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This report form, together with the summary of the requirements of the UEMO, illustrations and advice, is for general reference only. You should refer to the provisions of the UEMO for a complete and definitive statement of the law. A copy of the UEMO may be downloaded at

Disclosure of your identity and personal data

All personal data and documents (including your letter, e-mail or completed report form) supplied by you will only be used for correspondence purposes and for taking follow-up action (including any enforcement or prosecution action) in relation to the reports that you have filed with the Communications Authority ("CA"). The same may be transferred to parties who will be involved in action on or the investigation into the complaint, including the relevant government departments, related authorities, organisations as well as other agencies which are authorised to receive information relating to law enforcement, prosecution and review of decisions. You should state clearly whether you permit us to disclose the personal data and information given and the documents supplied to any party relevant to this report. If you do not permit us to disclose the information related to the report and if such non-disclosure causes difficulty in our follow-up action or investigation, we will advise you whether we can proceed with the processing of your complaint.

The CA's policy on privacy is available at