Since the launch of 5G services in April 2020, various industry sectors have proactively developed innovative 5G applications and associated products for use at the business level.

In order to enhance public awareness of the great potentials of 5G and the business opportunities that could be brought by the technology, this thematic web page is developed to showcase some examples of 5G applications and solutions that have been developed by different business entities as well as the mobile network operators. These real cases and experiences have well demonstrated how 5G technology can be used to make substantive improvement to business operations and quality of services in various sectors, and to bringing benefits to the society as a whole.

Short Videos on 5G Applications

Embrace the New 5G Era - Experience-sharing Seminar on the Applications of 5G Technology (Chinese version only)

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Projects under the "Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G"

Experience sharing by the mobile industry (Chinese version only)