HKCA* Issue Date Title
3201 3 02/2014 General Procedure for Setting Telecommunications Standards and Related Policies
3202 3 02/2014 Classification of Standards Related to Public Telecommunications Services
10 02/2023 Schedule A
4 02/2023 Schedule B
3 02/2014 Schedule C
3203 3 02/2014 General Principles and Scope of Standardisation for Public Telecommunications Services
3204 2 06/2002 Standardisation Guide for Implementation of Mandatory Network-to-network Connection Specifications
3205 1 04/2000 Standardisation Guide for Interconnection of External Telecommunications Services (ETS) Platforms with the Public Telecommunications Networks (PTNs) Using Signalling System NO. 7
3208 2 12/2000 Standardization Guide for Revising the Free Access Codes and Numbers in Private Payphones
4 12/2001 Schedule A
2 12/1998 Schedule B
3210 2 10/2000 Standardisation Guide for Provision of Tones and Recorded Announcements in Public Telecommunications Services
3211 5 04/2022 Standardisation Guide for Labelling of Telecommunications Equipment

* Before the establishment of the Communications Authority (CA) on 1 April 2012, the specifications prescribed by the Telecommunications Authority (TA) were named as HKTA specifications. From 1 April 2012 onward, revised versions of existing HKTA specifications and new specifications prescribed by the CA will be named as HKCA specifications. For the avoidance of doubt, unless the specific issue number of the HKTA specification is explicitly specified, reference in any document to HKTA specification shall be construed as including reference to the corresponding HKCA specification as may be revised from time to time. In addition, reference in any document to HKCA specification shall be construed as referring to the corresponding HKTA specification if the HKCA specification under reference is not yet present.