Six Digital TV Programme Channels to Broadcast on New Transmitting Frequencies Tomorrow

Six digital TV programme channels in Hong Kong will broadcast on new transmitting frequencies in the 500 MHz band starting from 0.00am tomorrow (1 December 2021), with a view to releasing spectrum in the 600/700 MHz bands for the provision of high value-added mobile telecommunications services, including 5G services.

The six programme channels are Jade 81 of Television Broadcasts Limited, ViuTVsix 96 and ViuTV 99 of HK Television Entertainment Company Limited, and RTHK TV 31, RTHK TV 32 and RTHK TV 33 of Radio Television Hong Kong. Other digital TV programme channels (i.e. Channels 76, 77, 82, 83, 84 and 85) will not be affected.

If individual households cannot receive any of the six affected programme channels from the early hours tomorrow, they should check with their building management offices on the status of reconfiguring their common antenna broadcast distribution (CABD) systems. If their CABD systems have not yet been reconfigured, arrangements should be made immediately. Otherwise, residents will not be able to receive the programme channels concerned. Households using self-provided antennae, including those living in village houses, bungalows and old tenement buildings, only need to perform channel rescanning on their digital TV receivers for continued reception.

Since December last year, the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) has been publicising the arrangements to use new transmitting frequencies and advising property owners and managers to arrange for reconfiguration of the CABD systems in their buildings within the transitional period. The reconfiguration work for the vast majority of households in multi-storey buildings with CABD systems has already been completed.

For details, please visit OFCA's thematic webpage (obsolete) or contact OFCA's hotline at 2961 6333 for enquiries. For the reference guide on rescanning for digital TV programme channels, please refer to the following link:

Office of the Communications Authority
30 November 2021