Unregistered Pre-paid SIM Cards to be Deactivated after 23 February 2023 (Issued by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau)

The Government said today (16 December 2022) that all pre-paid SIM cards (PPS cards) not having completed real-name registration before 23 February 2023 cannot be used after the deadline, and users who have not yet completed real-name registration should register as soon as possible. Members of the public are also called on to remind and assist their family members and friends (in particular the elderly) currently using PPS cards to complete real-name registration before the deadline to avoid disruption of their telephone services.

Members of the public can complete real-name registration through websites or mobile applications of their telecommunications service providers. The Government and telecommunications service providers have also rolled out various support measures. Users in need can bring along their Hong Kong identity cards, relevant PPS cards and mobile phones capable of receiving SMS notifications to visit retail outlets of the respective telecommunications service providers and the service counters set up at 18 designated post offices (see Annex 1) for assistance. In addition, the existing mobile support stations set up by the Government at 25 MTR stations (see Annex 2) will also provide enquiry service on real-name registration for SIM cards starting from tomorrow (17 December) until 7 January 2023, to assist those in need to complete real-name registration as early as possible in accordance with the statutory requirements. The service hours of the mobile support stations are from 9am to 6pm every day.

For more information regarding the Real-name Registration Programme for SIM cards, please visit the thematic webpage (www.ofca.gov.hk/simreg) or call the Office of the Communications Authority’s hotline (2961 6699). Reference can also be made to relevant government publicity materials (see Annex 3) or the latest promotional videos produced by Radio Television Hong Kong (youtu.be/BQ_oYiNSgJw or youtu.be/oErmmX5eJv8).

16 December 2022