Government to Enhance Provision of Support Service for Real-name Registration for SIM Cards at Designated MTR Stations Starting Tomorrow (Issued by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau)

The Government said today (7 January 2023) that support service for the real-name registration for SIM cards at 25 MTR stations (see Annex 1) will be strengthened from tomorrow (8 January) until 23 February to assist users of pre-paid SIM cards (PPS cards) to complete real-name registration as soon as possible before the statutory registration deadline.

The service hours of the support stations are from 9am to 6pm daily. Apart from providing enquiry service concerning real-name registration for SIM cards, the support stations will also assist members of the public in need to complete registration through their own mobile devices.

In addition, users who have not yet completed real-name registration may also seek assistance from the retail outlets of their respective telecommunications service providers and the service counters set up in 18 designated post offices (see Annex 2).

The above services are free of charge. Members of the public in need should bring along their Hong Kong identity cards, relevant PPS cards and mobile phones capable of receiving SMS notifications for staff to provide assistance to them for completing registration through websites or mobile applications of the telecommunications service providers concerned. Users aged below 16 have to be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or above for completing the registration. The personal information of that adult will need to be registered with the respective telecommunications service provider at the same time.

The Government reminded that all PPS cards not having completed real-name registration before the statutory registration deadline of 23 February cannot be used afterwards. The Government has stepped up publicity via multiple channels and sought support from various social welfare organisations to remind PPS card users (in particular the elderly) who have yet to complete real-name registration to do so as soon as possible. Telecommunications service providers have also sent multiple SMS notification reminders to PPS card users.

The Government also encouraged members of the public to remind and assist family members and friends using PPS cards to complete real-name registration as soon as possible and not to wait until the last moment before the deadline so as to avoid disruption of their telephone services.

For more information regarding real-name registration for SIM cards, please visit the thematic webpage ( or call the Office of the Communications Authority’s hotline (2961 6699).

7 January 2023