Printed at 10:06am on 11 April 2022
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Digital Terrestrial Television Services

Full digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcast was implemented in Hong Kong on 1 December 2020. The DTT coverage reaches at least 99% of Hong Kong population.

Reception of DTT Programme Channels

  • To receive DTT programme channels provided by free TV broadcasters via radio spectrum, residents of multi-storey buildings generally use common antenna broadcast distribution systems while residents of village houses and tenement buildings mostly use self-provided antennae.
  • You may check on the following database (website) for the estimate of the DTT coverage for individual buildings.

Receiving Newly Launched TV Programme Channels

  • Currently, there are 14 DTT programme channels, 4 of which were launched in 2022. To receive new DTT programme channels, you may need to perform the rescanning on your TV sets / set-top boxes.
  • For more information on how to rescan for channels, please visit the website.

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