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Advice on Selection of 5G Services and Devices

5 Guides to Subscription of 5G Service Plans

  • Compare the service plans of different operators.
  • Choose a service plan with data usage volume that can meet your needs based on your net-surfing habit.
  • Pay attention to the arrangements for data usage exceeding the limit. Check if access speed will be reduced or top-up for data usage is needed when data usage exceeds the limit.
  • Use 5G handsets that support local 5G services.
  • Make sure you fully grasp the service terms before signing the contract.

Tips on Selection of 5G Devices

  • Ensure that the handset model you are interested in supports 5G frequency bands and networks in Hong Kong.
  • Some 5G handsets support installation of more than one SIM card. When considering purchase of such 5G handsets, you are advised to check whether all the SIM cards installed can be activated and support 5G connectivity at the same time
  • If you want to enjoy the benefits brought by a more advanced version of Wi-Fi standard (such as Wi-Fi 6), you need to make sure that both your handset and Wi-Fi router support the Wi-Fi standard.
  • Select 5G handsets that support the reception of messages through the Emergency Alert System (“EAS”). (List of Mobile Devices that Support Reception of EAS Messages)
  • Check whether the handset supports all the mobile Apps you intend to use.

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