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Be Mindful of Data Roaming Charges
  • If you do not foresee any need to use mobile data service when travelling abroad, you may:
    • request your operator to deactivate the mobile data roaming service (the arrangements for deactivating the mobile data roaming service vary from operator to operator. You are advised to check the details with your operator direct.)
    • switch off the data roaming and mobile data functions of your mobile device and check the data usage of your mobile device regularly to ensure that the two functions remain disabled throughout the period while you are travelling abroad
  • If you need to use mobile data service when travelling abroad, you may / should:
    • check with your operator the availability of mobile data roaming services at the destinations, the roaming partners available, charging method and associated charges before departing from Hong Kong
    • consider choosing a data roaming service plan with charge ceiling or usage cap
    • when a data roaming day-pass is chosen, be mindful of the service activation procedures, check the definition of “a day” for calculation of data roaming charges, whether additional charges are levied on certain services, whether day-pass may only be applicable to designated destinations and networks and beware of “network switching”
    • be aware of any notification sent from the operator (such as SMS message) after arrival at the destination as a confirmation of the activation of roaming services
    • consider renting a portable Wi-Fi router or purchasing a prepaid mobile data SIM card that can be used at the destination
    • if dual-SIM handset is used, make sure that the SIM card for overseas use is put in the correct card slot and the handset setting is configured correctly
  • Due to the proximity between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, mobile device may automatically switch to mobile networks of the Mainland in boundary areas. To prevent inadvertent use of data roaming services, even when you are in Hong Kong, you may:
    • switch off the data roaming function in your mobile device
    • check with your operator whether the data roaming service can be switched off or deactivated

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