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Stay in Touch in Country Parks
  • Plan your hiking route before departure and check the mobile network coverage as well as the locations of public phones and emergency helplines along the route.
  • Bring along suitable communications devices like mobile phones, walkie-talkies and GPS receivers.
  • Hike in a team and bring along fully-charged backup batteries / power banks for replacement / charging mobile phones.
  • If your mobile phone cannot connect to the network you subscribe, try dialling 112 for assistance during an emergency.
  • Programme the phone numbers of the police stations near your hiking route into your mobile phone for easy access. Call the nearest police station by dialling 00852 first followed by its phone number for assistance if there is no local mobile network coverage but roaming service is available.

Digital Maps displaying the mobile network coverage of hiking trails in country parks

Hiker Tracking Service

Hiker Tracking Service

  • The Communications Association of Hong Kong has launched the “50222 SMS Hiker Tracking Service” and “GPS Hiker Tracking Service”. Hikers can send short messages to a designated number “50222” to report periodically the unique numbers of Distance Posts they encounter along their hiking trails, or install Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department’s “Enjoy Hiking Hiker Tracking Service” mobile application and activate its “Hiker Tracking Service” and GPS of the mobile phone. This will help keep track of their positions.

50222 SMS Hiker Tracking Service

GPS Hiker Tracking Service

“Enjoy Hiking Hiker Tracking Service” App

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