Printed at 10:06am on 11 April 2022
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Advice to Disadvantaged Telecommunications Service Users

Telecommunications service users who are disadvantaged due to various circumstances (such as age, disability, low literacy or communications difficulties) ("disadvantaged users"), are reminded on the following three A's :

  • "A"dvice: Seek advice or recommendation from friends, relatives or operators when choosing a telecommunications service.
  • "A"ssistance: Raise your needs to operators and see if they can provide special assistance (such as easy-to-find communications channels, special billing services etc.).
  • "A"sk: Ask operators about the details or terms and conditions of a service if in doubt.

Disadvantaged users are also reminded on the followings:

  • Do not sign service contract until you are clear about all the contract details.
  • Verbal contract (e.g. renew any telecommunications services over the phone) can also be legally binding.
  • Senior citizens or users with limited visual capability should tell your problem to operators. They may be able to provide paper bills, or billing information in hard copies with large prints or Braille for free.
  • Some contracts may state that if service termination is not requested upon the expiry of the fixed term, the service will continue to be provided by operators and charged on a monthly basis. If renewal or extension of any of the subscribed services is not required, you should arrange to terminate the services.

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