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Use Communications Services Smartly. Stay Vigilant against Telephone Scams.

Members of the public should always stay vigilant when using communications services. To protect yourself from losses, beware of fraudulent phone calls and short messages!

When receiving a suspicious fraudulent phone call suspicious fraudulent short message
✔DO's ✔hang up immediately ✔ignore it
✔ascertain the identity of the calling party or sender of the short message through official channels
✖DON'Ts ✖press any key and reply ✖reply the short message or click any hyperlink(s) therein
✖easily trust the identity of the caller or the content of the short message
✖disclose your personal information (including bank account numbers, credit card information and one-time passwords)
✖transfer money
If in doubt report to the Police immediately

Stay Alert to and Identification of Suspicious Calls

OFCA has been working closely with telecommunications service providers and law enforcement agencies to devise guidelines and codes of practice, while telecommunications service providers are also requested to implement various technical measures in combating fraudulent calls and messages delivered through telecommunications networks:

  • Calling numbers with a "+" sign as a prefix displayed on mobile phones indicate that the calls originate from outside Hong Kong
  • Local mobile service providers are sending voice alert or text alert for incoming calls with caller number prefixed with "+852" to raise public awareness of suspicious calls originating from outside Hong Kong.
  • Telecommunications service providers identify and block at the source suspicious calls originating from outside Hong Kong with caller number prefixed with "+852" (for example, an incoming call with a local fixed caller number prefixed with "+852").
  • Local mobile service providers monitor the calls originating from their networks and systems. They shall take appropriate actions to suspend the relevant telecommunications services of the telephone numbers if suspicious scam call patterns are identified.
  • With OFCA’s coordination, telecommunications service providers shall block or suspend services of the telephone numbers suspected to be involved in deception cases based on the information provided by the Police and prevent users from accessing suspicious fraudulent websites.

Even if the caller number display has no "+" sign and shows an 8-digit Hong Kong phone number, it may still be a scam call. Members of the public should also stay highly vigilant to calls made from local caller numbers so as to avoid falling victim to deception.

OFCA's "Be a Smart User of Communication Services. Stay Vigilant
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To Know More, Watch the Short Video:

To Know More, Watch the Short Video:

Incoming Call Filtering Service

*Some of the VAS may have associated mobile apps to assist users' management and configuration of the VAS; users may be required to view advertisements or pay additional charge to use the apps/VAS.

Pay Attention to Anti-deception Messages of Hong Kong Police

Telephone deception is a serious criminal offence and enforcement is undertaken by the Hong Kong Police Force. If a member of the public receives a suspicious phone call, he should immediately report to the Hong Kong Police.

  • Provide up-to-date information on defrauding tricks
  • Subscribe to "Scam Alert" email notification

"CyberDefender", the one-stop cyber information platform

  • Provide up-to-date cyber security tips and anti-fraud information

"Anti-Scam Helpline 18222"

  • An all-day enquiry hotline to provide immediate consultation for the general public in order to handle suspicious deception cases in a more effective manner

"Scameter", the one-stop search engine for frauds

  • Help the public identify frauds and online pitfalls
  • Assess the risk of fraud and cyber security by entering the account name, bank account number, phone number, email address, etc. of the suspicious platform

Report Scams

Hong Kong Police Website – e-Report Room

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