Look for Service Information when Purchasing a Calling Card or Re-sold Telecom Service


What should you look for when purchasing a calling card or re-sold telecom service?

There are many pre-paid and post-paid calling cards for IDD or mobile phone calls available in the market today. Many of these calling cards are offered by third-party re-sellers who do not operate any telecommunications networks. How can you make a smart choice of calling cards offered by re-sellers?

Before you pay or sign a service contract, it is important to check whether the following information is provided:

The more product / service information you get, the more protection you enjoy!

All re-sellers of telecommunications services are classified as "class licensees" for the offer of telecommunications services under section 8(1)(aa) of the Telecommunications Ordinance. They are obliged to provide essential service information to their customers under the terms and conditions of the licence.