A number of mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators in Hong Kong (“local operators”) are providing SCMN/1C2N services which enable subscribers to enjoy the convenience of using a single SIM card that supports multiple local mobile numbers for use in several places (e.g. Hong Kong, the Mainland and Macau). Subscribers should however be aware that, as SCMN/1C2N services involve the use of numbers provided by mobile operators outside Hong Kong, the use of the services is subject to the requirements imposed by those mobile operators or the relevant authorities outside Hong Kong from time to time.

For compliance with the relevant regulation in the Mainland, it is noted that some local operators need to collect by phases the personal information of their SCMN/1C2N subscribers (both pre-paid and post-paid) and to obtain their consent to transfer the information to mobile operators or the relevant authorities in the Mainland in order to enable them to continue the use of the Mainland mobile numbers. If subscribers do not provide the required information or give their consent about transfer of such information by the specified deadlines, use of the Mainland mobile numbers may be suspended.

Subscribers of SCMN/1C2N services should take heed of the notification by the local operators in relation to the above through phone calls, short messages, mails, etc. Those who would like to continue the use of Mainland mobile numbers are advised to take timely and necessary actions as notified by the local operators. If subscribers choose not to provide the personal information or continue the service subscription, they may contact their local operators direct for other arrangements.

For the avoidance of doubt, the use of Hong Kong mobile numbers provided by SCMN/1C2N services would not be affected by the aforementioned arrangement.

Office of the Communications Authority

7 October 2016