Nowadays more and more consumers use mobile data services when travelling abroad. As mobile data roaming charges are much higher than domestic rates, consumers may incur exorbitant data roaming charges as a result of unintended use of mobile data roaming services. As such, consumers are advised to make smart use of mobile data roaming services.

When will Mobile Data be Consumed?

Mobile data will be consumed when a mobile device accesses the Internet via mobile networks. Mobile data will also be consumed when you share your Internet connection (also known as “tethering” or “personal hotspot” function) with other devices or activate the automatic update function of some applications on mobile devices. For more information about mobile data usage, please refer to "Understanding Mobile Data".

Measures to Avoid Unexpected Mobile Data Roaming Charges

If you need to use mobile data roaming services when travelling abroad, please take the following measures to avoid unexpected mobile data roaming charges -

General Advice

Other Mobile Data Service Options While Travelling Abroad

Besides using roaming services provided by your mobile operator, you may consider other mobile data service options while travelling abroad. You may refer to "Other Mobile Data Service Options While Travelling Abroad" for further information.

If Mobile Data Services are not Required while Travelling Abroad

If you do not foresee that mobile data services will be required while travelling abroad, you may -