Application Operating Frequency and Maximum Output Power Eligible Users Applicable Licence Licence Fees Use of Type Approved Equipment (relevant specifications)
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) (commonly known as Drone) Commonly within the bands:
(a) 2400 – 2483.5 MHz
(b) 5470 – 5725 MHz
(c) 5725 – 5850 MHz

Maximum output power:
  • 4W peak e.i.r.p. for (a)
  • 1W e.i.r.p. for (b)
  • 4W peak e.i.r.p. for (c)
(See Schedule 2 of the Exemption Order for details)

*UAS operators should observe the General Safety Guidelines for Flying UAS issued by the Civil Aviation Department
General public Exempted from licensing1 NA Voluntary (Voluntary certification against HKCA 1039)

Note 1: Pursuant to the Telecommunications (Telecommunications Apparatus)(Exemption from Licensing) Order (CAP. 106Z) (the “Exemption Order”)