Application Operating Frequency and Maximum Output Power Eligible Users Applicable Licence Licence Fees Use of Type Approved Equipment (relevant specifications)
Walkie-Talkie for business Within the 142 - 143 MHz, 149 MHz, 175 MHz, and 460 - 463 MHz bands to be assigned by the Communications Authority

Maximum output power : 1W e.r.p.

(See Schedule 2 and 3 of the Guidelines for Application for Private Radio System Licences for details)
Corporate users holding a valid licence Private Mobile Radio System Licence HK$220 per annum Yes, (Compulsory certification against HKCA 1002 and/or HKCA 1010)
Walkie-Talkie (general purpose) 20 designated channels within the 409.74 – 410 MHz band

Maximum output power: 500mW e.r.p.

(See HKCA 1044 for details)
General public Exempted from licensing1 NA Voluntary, (Voluntary certification against HKCA 1044)
Walkie-Talkie for amateur radio Designated bands between 1.8 MHz and 81 GHz allocated to Amateur Services

(See Schedule 1 of Amateur Station Licence for the exact frequency bands, maximum output power and other details)
Qualified individuals or clubs holding a valid licence Amateur Station Licence / Authority To Operate HK$ 150 per annum The radio equipment concerned should comply with performance specifications stipulated in Schedule 1 of Amateur Station Licence
Walkie-Talkie (CB radio) 40 designated channels within the 26.96 – 27.41 MHz band

Maximum output power:
  • 4W (on land) and 10W (at sea) carrier power for FM/AM/PM
  • 12W peak envelope power for SSB
(See Class Licence for Citizens Band Radio Station for details)
General public Class Licence for Citizens Band Radio Station NA Yes, (Compulsory certification against HKCA 1022 or HKCA 1050)

Note 1: Pursuant to the Telecommunications (Telecommunications Apparatus)(Exemption from Licensing) Order (CAP. 106Z)