Photo for Mobile Coverage of Hiking Trails in Country ParksIn order to provide hikers with a general picture about the mobile network coverage in country parks, the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) has conducted a survey along popular hiking and country trails about the coverage of mobile networks. The main objective of the survey is to determine whether calls can be connected to at least one of the mobile networks along these trails under normal circumstances. The information should be particularly useful if a hiker wishes to make an emergency 112 call, which will connect the hiker to the police through any mobile network which has coverage at the location under concern, regardless of which network service the hiker has subscribed to. This section contains the measurement data obtained in the survey in the form of digital maps. Please read the Notices and Disclaimer in this section carefully and indicate your acceptance of them before accessing and using the measurement data. While we will strive to keep the information as updated as possible, we welcome your feedback. Please contact if you have any comment to make about this section.


Information on Mobile Network Coverage

Digital Map Data


Alternatively, you may view the mobile network coverage of hiking trails in country parks on the GeoInfo Map by clicking on the icon shown below.

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