Selection of FNOs for Project Implementation

OFCA conducted two tender exercises in June 2019 and January 2020 respectively to select the FNOs to be granted with subsidies for extension of fibre-based networks to the target villages under six projects. As a result of the tender exercises, the selected FNOs and projects awarded to them are summarised as follows:

Projects Selected FNO
Project 1 (North District) HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC)
Project 2 (Part of Tai Po District and part of Sai Kung District) Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited (HKT)
Project 3 (Part of Sha Tin District, part of Tai Po District, Yuen Long District, Tuen Mun District, Tsuen Wan District and Kwai Tsing District) HGC
Project 4 (Part of Sha Tin District and part of Sai Kung District) HGC
Project 5 (Lamma Island) HKT
Project 6 (Lantau Island, Cheung Chau and Peng Chau) HKT

Works and Responsibilities of the Selected FNOs

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The selected FNOs are required to complete the works under the projects concerned in accordance with the requirements specified in the tender documents, including:

Furthermore, the selected FNOs have made additional service commitments for some of the villages, including:

To introduce market competition, the selected FNOs are also required to open up at least half of the capacity of the subsidised network facilities (including fibre-based lead-in connections and submarine fibre-based cables) for use by other FNOs for free.

Latest Progress of Works

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The selected FNOs have commenced works for the projects, including network planning and design for the villages concerned as well as application for various statutory permits and approvals for excavation works and rollout of fibre-based networks and submarine fibre-based cables, etc. In the meantime, they have also commenced the rollout of fibre-based lead-in connections to the vicinity of the entrances for some of the villages. Some of the works are close to completion.

In addition, the selected FNOs are gradually carrying out optical fibre wiring works within private land areas of some of the villages. After the fibre-based lead-in connections are extended to the vicinity of the village entrances, they can be connected with the fibre-based networks within the villages, enabling the selected FNOs to provide high speed broadband services to the villagers.

The selected FNOs are required to complete the relevant works for the projects by four milestones before the deadlines specified in the tender documents. It is expected that the newly built fibre-based networks will be extended to the villages concerned in phases from 2021 onwards. OFCA will monitor the progress of the FNOs' works and regularly update the status of implementation for public information.

Milestone completion deadlines for the projects

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