OFCA Steps Up Publicity and Assistance for Forthcoming Full Implementation of Real-name Registration Programme for SIM Cards (with photos)

With the forthcoming full implementation of real-name registration for SIM cards on 24 February, existing pre-paid SIM (PPS) cards which are in use but not yet registered must complete real-name registration on or before 23 February so as to avoid any service impact. To raise general awareness and assist members of the public, particularly the elderly, in completing registration, the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) has recently implemented a series of related publicity activities and facilitating measures.

Since December 2022, OFCA has been providing relevant information to all members of the public through various media and channels, including television, radio, newspapers, social media platforms, public transportation, posters and pamphlets to remind them of the importance of early completion of real-name registration for PPS cards.

“OFCA has been collaborating with relevant welfare organisations to assist people in need to complete real-name registration of their existing PPS cards. In the past few months, OFCA’s staff held 20 community talks on the real-name registration programme in different elderly centres, visited residential care home for the elderly and provided assistance to participants to complete real-name registration of PPS cards on the spot. In addition, OFCA has arranged on-line training sessions and provided necessary assistance to around 200 welfare and related organisations so that their staff members and helpers would be able to assist their clients to complete real-name registration”, a spokesman for OFCA said.

Members of the public who need to complete real-name registration of PPS cards, apart from registering through mobile apps or websites of their telecommunications service providers, may visit the retail outlets of their telecommunications service providers for assistance. They may also seek assistance from support stations at 25 MTR stations (see Annex 1) or service counters at 18 designated post offices (see Annex 2).

According to the Telecommunications (Registration of SIM Cards) Regulation, unregistered existing PPS cards cannot be used after 23 February. Telecommunications service providers will stop the provision of service to all unregistered existing PPS cards on 23 February or earlier. In order to avoid any service impact, users with unregistered existing PPS cards should act now and follow their telecommunications service provider’s instructions to complete registration as soon as possible. Existing SIM service plans users are not required to re-register with their telecommunications service providers unless they change to another service provider or subscribe to a new phone number.

For more information regarding the real-name registration programme, please visit OFCA’s thematic webpage (www.ofca.gov.hk/simreg) or call OFCA’s hotline (2961 6699).

Office of the Communications Authority
19 January 2023