OFCA Organises 5G Campus Application Competition (with photos)

To further promote wider application of 5G, the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) is organising the 5G Campus Application Competition (the Competition), with the theme of "5G Campus for Smart Life", for all local secondary school students to participate on a team basis. The Competition, co-organised by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, aims to enhance secondary school students' understanding of the enormous potentials of 5G technology and its extensive innovative applications, so as to encourage the students to actively participate in the development of advanced technologies and innovative industries through the application of 5G technology.

In his opening remarks at the Kick-off Seminar of the Competition launched today (20 May 2023), the Director-General of Communications, Mr Chaucer Leung, said, "With the features of high transmission speed, ultra-reliability and low latency, 5G is not only applicable to the mobile service industry, but also to innovative applications in many other industries, such as healthcare, construction, engineering, transport, property management, logistics, etc. The education sector is no exception. 5G technology has enormous potential to help schools enhance their teaching quality, improve modes of teaching, and increase students' interest in learning and development of their creativity."

"The Competition aims to enhance students' understanding of 5G technology and its application through a contest, and encourages schools, teachers and students to integrate 5G technology into education, with a view to enriching campus life, enhancing learning environment, optimising the use of teaching resources as well as improving the school campus and community environment or facilities in the neighbourhood. The Competition also serves to motivate young people to unleash their creativity and inspire them to develop an interest in pursuing a career in innovation technology industries in the future," Mr Leung continued.

The Competition will be held in stages, comprising training workshops, initial round assessment, final round assessment and an award presentation ceremony. Training workshops will be arranged for the participating teams to help them realise their conceptual ideas of 5G smart campus design and devise their own 5G application solutions.

The Chief Innovation Officer of the Hong Kong Productivity Council, Dr Lawrence Cheung, also officiated at the event today. Furthermore, senior practitioners from the technology sector were invited to brief students and other participants on the latest development of 5G technology and its applications in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning and teaching. At the same time, more details about the requirements and points to note of the Competition were provided to all participants.

The Competition has received support from various organisations in the communications sector as well as the education sector, including the Communications Association of Hong Kong, the Association of I.T. Leaders in Education, the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education, the Hong Kong Competence Education Research Institute, the Association of Hong Kong Chinese Middle Schools, the Hong Kong Computer Society, the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers and the Hong Kong STEM Education Alliance.

Application for the Competition is open until 31 May. Participants should take part as a school team consisting of three to five students and one teacher as a team leader. To enrol in and learn more about the Competition, please visit the OFCA's website (www.ofca.gov.hk/5gcompetition).

Office of the Communications Authority
20 May 2023