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Customer Complaint Settlement Scheme for the Telecommunications Industry

Customer Complaint Settlement Scheme (CCSS) is set up by the telecommunications industry under the funding of OFCA to help resolve billing disputes in deadlock between operators and their customers. Billing disputes eligible for acceptance under the CCSS include:

  • dispute relates to telecommunications service for personal and/or residential use.
  • dispute amount is not less than HK$300.
  • your operator is a member of the CCSS and you have lodged a complaint with your operator for more than 6 weeks but the dispute remains unresolved.

Consumers who would like to use the CCSS service may first contact the OFCA, which will assess the cases and refer accepted cases to the CCSS Agent for further handling. For an accepted case, the applicant is required to pay HK$50 as the service fee for using the mediation service under the CCSS.

Enquiry Number:2180 9521 

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