The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) reminds members of the public about the timely completion of real-name registration for existing pre-paid SIM (PPS) cards.

According to the Telecommunications (Registration of SIM Cards) Regulation, any unregistered existing PPS cards cannot be used after 23 February 2023. Telecommunications service providers will stop the provision of service to all unregistered existing PPS cards on 23 February 2023 or earlier1 . In order to avoid any service impact to the existing PPS cards, which are activated shortly before the deadline, due to failure to complete registration timely, some telecommunications service providers may require users to complete registration by an earlier date for unactivated existing PPS cards. Please follow your telecommunications service provider’s instructions to complete registration accordingly.

OFCA also reminds carers of the disadvantaged people (e.g. elderly) to remind and assist the disadvantaged PPS card users to complete registration as soon as possible to avoid losing connection with them due to failure to complete registration by deadline.

Real-name registration is easy, convenient and fast. Individual users can simply present their Hong Kong identity cards and follow the instructions of the registration notification as sent out by respective telecommunications operators via SMS messages or other means to complete registration at different channels, including websites, mobile applications or retail shops of the telecommunications operators.

Moreover, individual users can also visit 18 designated post offices for assistance to register PPS cards.

Existing SIM service plans users are not required to re-register with their telecommunications service providers unless they change to another service provider or subscribe to a new phone number.

For details of the real-name registration programme for SIM cards, members of the public may contact respective telecommunications service providers, visit OFCA’s website at or contact OFCA at 2961 6699.

Office of the Communications Authority
5 December 2022

1 Some telecommunications service providers may terminate the provision of service to unregistered existing PPS cards earlier. Please refer to notifications by telecommunications service providers.